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Interview with J. F. (Jim) Straw

By Kim Thomas

1. Please tell us about yourself (name, age, married, single, where you
live, etc.) 

J.F. (Jim) Straw ... 2 years older than Dirt (when I was in the Army, SGT Dirt & I shared a birthday but I was 2 years older) ... married ... live north of Dalton, Georgia, south of Cleveland, Tennessee.

2. How would you describe your personality?

I am a logical pragmatic. I have developed people skills over the years but prefer working in silence, alone.

3. How did you become interested in the internet and when did you first
"go online"?

Having spent over 30 years in direct marketing (mailorder), I was intrigued by the new marketing media. Went online in 1997 just to see what I could see.

4. What businesses/websites do you currently operate on the internet?

Only one ... http://www.businesslyceum.com

5. What inspired you or made you decide to start your current online

I set up the web site in September, 1999, when more and more of my paper and ink readers began asking where they could buy my products online. The site had covered all of its costs and was profitable by January, 2000.

6. What is one of the biggest mistakes and/or blunders you have made
while marketing online, and what did you learn from it?

I can count my successes on my fingers but counting my mistakes and blunders would take all the hairs on my chest.  But, I cherish my mistakes far more than I do my success because "you only learn from mistakes." The stories of one time successes are legend but repeating success is far more difficult than correcting mistakes.

7. What percent of your income is made from online sales?

Currently about 65% - but - about 80% of those sales still come from my paper and ink customers.

8. What are your most successful means of advertising ...(please be
specific, such as what ezines you run ads in, what banner exchanges you use,

Don't do very much ezine advertising ... no banner exchanges ... I just make myself available to my customers and personally respond to their inquiries.  Of course, my most effective means of advertising is simply adding my URL to all of my postal mailings.

9. Do you have any advertising tips or secrets you would like to share
with our readers?

Only one ... QUIT trying to make 'sales' and concentrate on making customers. A 'sale' only gives you a one time score ... a good customer can support you for life. -- That is why you must NEVER make 'sales' at the expense of your customers by offering them crap that isn't worth the price.

10. What do you like most about being online?

I can work alone ... in silence.

11. Jim, one of your latest product is about "affiliate marketing" that I personally think it should be the bible for newbies and/or who want to pursue affiliate marketing, can you give us your opinion why do you think we should order this ebook?

Others who have written on the subject tell you "what" they have done and "what" you should do but very few of them tell you anything about "how" to do it. My book is about "how" you can do it using the tools you have.

11. What are your goals for 2003?

Would you believe ... just keep breathing.

12. What advice would you give to someone trying to start their own
online business?

Quit playing pretend ... be "in business" ... do business ... learn what business is all about, not just making money but doing things the way the must be done. -- There isn't anything more pathetic than a person who wants to make money but doesn't know, or want to know, the first things about doing business.

J.F. (Jim) Straw

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New Directory Submissions -
Below are several of the best submissions added to the 
Advertising Exposure Directory at 
http://www.advertising-exposure.com this month

Website URL: http://www.le-services.com

Website Title: Newspaper Classified Advertising

Category: Media Advertising

Comment: Classified and small display newspaper advertising at discount prices. We provide excellent customer service and free copywriting suggestions.


Website URL: http://www.BlueGeckoNetwork.com

Website_title: #1 Web Designer Job Listings: Blue Gecko Network

Category: Classified Advertising

Comment: We are a job search site that connects businesses seeking web development help with professionals who are seeking jobs in website design, graphic art, flash, e-commerce, SEO and website marketing 



Website URL: http://www.newspaper-classifieds.com

Website Title: Offers newspaper classified advertising and newspaper software nationwide.

Category: Classified Advertising 

Comment: Offers low cost newspaper classifieds and newspaper classified software. 



Website URL: http://www.click2web.com/links

Website Title: Click2web Reciprocal Links Exchange

Category: Reciprocal Links

Comment: Increase your link popularity and search engine ranking. Drive more traffic to your web site as a free Click2web reciprocal link partner. 


Website URL: http://ld.net/?fef

Website Title: Cognigen Global Telecommunication - ISP - Hosting

Category: Announcement Site

Comment: - Long Distance , Bundled Services - - Local Dial Tone , 1- 800 Toll Free –  T1/ Dedicated , Calling Card – - Dial -Around , Satellite TV – - Unlimited Long Distance - Web Hosting - Conference Calling , Internet Access –  Hight Speed Internet , Voice Messaging - Cellular/ PCS , Paging Services – - Home Security , I Net Telephony –  Customer Service , Web Services


Website URL: http://www.xtgate.com

Website Title: XTGate Web Development Company 

Category: Web Design

Comment: Professional web design and web development, flash animation, web programming, corporate identity & E-commerce development, located in Los Angeles.


Advertising Quotes


  • "No matter how skillful you are, you can't invent a product advantage that doesn't exist. And if you do, and it's just a gimmick, it's going to fall apart anyway."
    - William Bernbach, quoted in Bill Bernbach said . . . (1989), DDB Needham Worldwide.


  •  "Regardless of the moral issue, dishonesty in advertising has proved very unprofitable."
    - Leo Burnett, quoted in 100 LEO's, Chicago, IL: Leo Burnett Company, p. 17.


  • "Lying and cheating in advertising, in the long run, are commercial suicide. Dishonesty in advertising destroys not only confidence in advertising, but also in the medium which carries the dishonest advertisement. . . . No one can be ill in a community without endangering others; no advertiser can be dishonest without casting suspicion upon others."
    - Daniel Starch, Principles of Advertising, 1923, Chicago, IL: A.W. Shaw Company, p. 437.



Advertising News


This site offered many great advertising articles - Make sure you read up on this specific article.

August 26, 2003: "A Fool-Proof Way Of Finding Out What People Secretly (And Desperately) Want You To Sell To Them!"  

Hitting Shoppers Where They Work
[December 24, 2003] The bulk of that online holiday shopping took place during the work week. At lunch time, of course!

Internet access at work means shopping at work. According to the PriceGrabber product comparison service, in November, 52 percent of visitors accessed the site from a work computer. Marketers are paying attention.

Britney, Viagra Top Year-End Lists
Coincidence or conspiracy? Britney Spears tops Google's list of popular queries for 2003, and Viagra ranks Number One on America Online's 2003 "Top Ten Spam E-Mail Subject Lines," the online giants reported in respective year-end lists.

Slow, Steady Ad Growth Predicted For 2004
[December 30, 2003] Online advertising's outlook is optimistic, not exuberant.

"In 2003, we see online ad spend at $6.3 billion total, increasing to $7.6 billion in 2004, about 21 percent," said Nate Elliott, an associate analyst at Jupiter Research, owned by Jupitermedia, which also owns this publication.

"We see 2003 as a rebound year," Elliott observed. "What we'll see in 2004 is an extension of that and overall even better growth. Online advertising markets grew 10 percent in 2003."

Display Ads Back From the Dead
[December 29, 2003] Perceptions of a decline in display ads may be misleading.

Display ads, originally known as banners, are the Lazarus of online advertising. They're staging a comeback, just after being given up as dead.

Perhaps it's more accurate to call these ads, the first type of Internet advertising to appear back in the 1990s, a sort of Mark Twain phenomenon. Reports of their demise are greatly exaggerated.


Great Low Cost or Useful Free Software


Free Tool to create your website Logo

I use this free tool and design Kim Thomas Dot Com logo. It looks semi-cool.


Guest Article

What is the second worst mistake most people made 
when writing classified ad?
By  Kim Thomas

If you want to know what is first single worst mistake most people made when writing classified ad please visit my cool read column at: http://www.kim-thomas.com

About three months ago I had a chance to interview Jim Straw for one of my ebook.  During our phone conversation, Jim told me something that was stuck very deep in my consciousness.  He told me that I should never ever try to sell anything in my classified ad.  Jim's advice seemed to reinforce more about this rule for me then when I read it from inside a "how-to" ebook by some other gurus.

As I skim through classified ads in the ezines,  I personally think the second worst mistake most people made when writing classified ad is:

They gave out their URL address  instead of asking reader's for their email addresses!

When you give out the URL in your classified ad, you really do not know for sure if your sales page really will do the selling job for you.  In addition, even if they decide to visit your site and you may fail to capture their email addresses. Thus you've just thrown away all the dollars you'd spent on paying for these classified ads.  

So for me, the second golden rule of writing classified ad is never ever give out the URL addresses but always stride to get the readers to respond to your free offer by giving you their email addresses.

Well the only one exception to this rule and that is  -- your URL destination does not lead to a sales page.  Still, you are better off getting your hands on your prospective customers email addresses first then trying to sell them later.

Now, does this rule also apply in writing promotional articles? Yes and No! I do see a lot of authors who just as content to give out their URL instead of asking for email addresses.  In this case you decide.



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